November 21st - December 29th, 2019

Wednesday - Sunday: 11am-7pm




Opening: Thursday, November 21st, 2019

On View: November 21st-December 29th, 2019

Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-7pm

Curated by Medium Rare Art

Wallplay is pleased to host I’d like that Medium Rare, curated by Samantha Ratiner and Charles Royle of Medium Rare Art at 25 Kent, Williamsburg. The online arts retail platform has chosen four students currently enrolled in the Parsons School of Design MFA program to showcase their work.


Adriana Wynne is a French-American multidisciplinary artist focuses on the human form, interpreting physique in both mimetic and non-mimetic formats. Wynne does this to communicate specific notions regarding the body using materials as figurines.


Lydia Crouse, an artist living and working in New York, continues to examine her own experiences by embracing the manipulation and imagination of her own ideologies through painting. Her process often begins by taking note of moments during her everyday that hint at unconventionality—the moments when structure and idealism are lost and chaos or romance are instead front and center. Through an act of material transliteration; verbal notes, drawing, and then the act of placing pigment on canvas, she questions the notion of beauty as it was envisioned throughout the  history of painting. By finally constructing scenes of fiction, Lydia wants the viewer to access not only the space of painting but also one of speculations.


Anna Jonesrevisits old photographs as a focus of her practice, manipulating them in order to invite subjects to become participants. Curious as to how viewers involve themselves in the activation of her work, the artist’s manipulation of works on paper have recently evolved into installation. The role of shadow, light, and gestural expression takes center stage. Through screen-printing, Jones of actualizes these curiosities while fixating on color theory.


Nic Etue is a native of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley now living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Etue uses his medium loosely, stating that “artists don’t control how their work is read, just what’s there”. Focusing on aesthetics and a visual language, Etue sees his blank canvas as exactly that, a way for people to make their own messages, and to take from his workwhatever they wish.

About Medium Rare Art

In an era of fearless voice and limitless minds, there’s nothing today’s creative industry loves more than those identifying a problem and seeking a solution. Charles Royle and Samantha Ratiner, two twenty-year-old New York art students and aspiring entrepreneurs, have done just that on their mission to revolutionize the value of emerging artists within the professional art world: herein lies Medium Rare Art.


Launched in April 2019, Medium Rare Art is an online retail platform designed to curate the relationship between emerging artists and the professional art network (enthusiasts, buyers, andsellers) in efforts to “inspire, connect, and provide a medium of exchange,” as referenced in theirmission statement. Currently representing twenty-plus artists around the world, Medium Rare Art offers pieces in a variety of mediums: photography, painting, illustration, and mixed media. These pieces range from $175 to $12,000, an inclusive price range for quality art that is not onlyaffordable and accessible to a wide range of budgets, but most importantly provides proper compensation for the artists work, materials, and talent. 82% of the sale price per piece is profited by the artist and the remaining 12% serves as commission to Medium Rare Art - higher profit for the artist, lower profit for the industry.


Royle states, “this is about inciting change in an industry that is fundamentally flawed. Medium Rare [Art] is something the art world needs right now... Investing in young artists [supports] boththe artist and the buyer. Through giving [emerging] artists this opportunity, more kosher art is brought into the market allowing for an audience that truly accepts art in its raw state, not for a grandiose reason.”




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