September 5th - September 22th, 2019

FASHION SHOW, September 11th

Wednesday - Sunday

12pm - 7pm

Kid Super:

Assembly Line


Wallplay is pleased to host Founder of KidSuper, Colm Dillane’s latest exhibition, ASSEMBLY LINE and interactive fashion event, RECYCLING: A RUNWAY SHOW, debuting during September New York Fashion Week at Wallplay 25Kent Ave in WIlliamsburg. Events are made possible by Jagermeister.

New York Fashion Week is known to be a hotbed for notoriously exclusive runway events, showcases, and parties. KidSuper’s ASSEMBLY LINE, a communal exhibition, and RECYCLING: A RUNWAY SHOW, both focus on demonstrating the importance of sustainable fashion and circular design practices, while promoting a Fashion Week event for and by the community.
Designed to highlight the creatives behind fashion making, the installation attempts to pull back the industry mask, both by breaking down the barriers to “in-crowd” culture and eco-friendly practice. Functioning similarly to a garment factory, the exhibition raises awareness around sustainability, especially in relationship to climate change activism. And although KidSuper recently hosted a critically acclaimed 2019 Paris fashion show event, as well as his first sustainable fashion exhibition, THE FACTORY, during Art Basel Miami in 2018, the artist/designer believes it’s imperative to bring this community-driven participatory exhibition to his hometown in Brooklyn, who have always supported him.


Presenting sponsor Jägermeister has been another active supporter of KidSuper since his first art show in 2018. Jägermeister continues to champion Colm’s career and fully supports those who celebrate the same spirit of the brand. Jägermeister, KidSuper and his exhibition aims to bring people together throughout the week to celebrate new experiences, culminating into a cannot-miss event on September 11th. Special performances and surprise guests will include Odalys, Lolo Zouai and more.

Beginning on September 5th, visitors are encouraged to join in on the creative process of garment making. Using donated clothes, thanks to contributors like FABSCRAP and KidSuper’s supporters, visitors can grab materials off a large pile at the center of the exhibition. They can then bring these materials to a live sewer, collage the pieces together, screen print a design, and walk away with a one-of-a-kind piece. Visitors are also welcome to donate to the pile. Each
upcycled garment created, both for KidSuper’s fashion show and for public use, demonstrates how easy it is to transition community conscious to sustainable fashion practices. KidSuper plans to continue conversations around the topic of
sustainability well after ASSEMBLY LINE comes to a close. By doing so, Dillane will give many visitors the agency to make their own clothing for the first time, providing tangible access to the process. This will Inspire a new generation of
creatives to make, donate, and upcycle.






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