The Wilderness Society:


Step In. Step Up.

October 24th - October 27th, 2019

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The Wilderness Society:


October 24 - 26: 12pm - 8pm (Ticketing through 7:30pm)

October 27: 11am - 7pm (Ticketing through 6:30pm)

Powered by a mix of breathtaking film, 4D technology and immersive sensations, this one-of-a-kind art installation will allow you to experience a year in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, without leaving Brooklyn. Prepare to be awed by one of America’s last great wildernesses, which is a sacred place for the Gwich’in people and has been home to herds of caribou, migratory birds and polar bears for millennia.

After decades of protection, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — one of the few wild, undeveloped places on Earth — is about to be opened to oil drilling. We’re building a movement to fight back against Big Oil and defend this incredible land, and the first step is showing people all that’s at stake.

As soon as December, 400,000+ acres of land will be auctioned off for drilling in a process designed to benefit only those who are planning to exploit and destroy the land (aka Big Oil). This is our chance to stand up to this crooked system. After enveloping yourself in the magic of the Arctic Refuge, you'll be able to join others taking a stand to stop Big Oil.

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